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Gingerblu, Resurrected

Gingerblu, Resurrected

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The ultimate expression of Ginger in the world is the economic independence of disadvantaged women through fashion AND textiles. The designs are created by our team young designers and tailored by the women of Fempowerment Foundation on their way to their financial freedom. We work closely with artisans and help them morph their craft for the modern market and the new consumers of today. Fashion created in INDIA using Indian indigenous crafts for the international market.

With this purpose in mind, we also create custom Gingerblu textiles that are crafted purely from natural fibres - kala cotton, erisilk, bamboo, jute, hemp and others - and adroitly handled by traditional weavers and printers of India. Holding the thread of their culture tied to a needle as such, Gingerblu strives for economic independence for the women involved in this centuries-old generational skill. These skills are indigenous in nature and characterized by the incorporation of hand-woven designs, handprints in multitudinous forms including block-printing using azo-free dyes giving fair-trade opportunities to the local artisans.

We create both ; fashion and textiles ! A true effort in changing the face of the fashion industry for both consumers and designers to see fashion beyond its rose tinted lenses.

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Our Values


Our pathway towards fashion is through creating circular textiles using indigenous knowledge of the Indian subcontinent and sharing that with the world. We create textiles using techniques with minimal to zero carbon footprints.


Using the skill-intensive platform of Gingerblu as an opportunity of realtime utility for Fempowerment’s interventional packages, the two organizations aim to harness their respective niches to triangulate outcomes to address inequities for women.


The Fempowerment Foundation is a microcosmic organization of global priorities focused on outcomes of social impact, sustainability, and environmental conservation, operationalized by the empowerment of socioeconomically disadvantaged populations.


Feedback From

“It’s always a pleasure working w/ Ajay on unique, beautiful, handy-crafty projects. My favorite piece was beaded real live-looking snake necklaces that all my models wore wrapped around their necks.”

Betsey Johnson, Betsey Johnson,

“Ajay is highly spirited about fashion, and in an industry that is plagued by jaded designers and over-stressed supply chain managers, this attitude is a breath of fresh air. Ajay when he launched his first independent label, and the experience I gleaned was vast and comprehensive. I learned the fundamentals of the apparel industry in such a complete and holistic way, that I feel I can take this knowledge to any sector of the business I choose. ”

Virginia Craddock,
International Playground