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The artisans and weavers in India are an experienced team of multi-generational weaving, hand-printing, and textile experts. We work closely with them to create each of our textiles – from conceptualisation of the collection to getting the sample yardages, resulting in bulk production.

We also offer a wide range of designs that are existing from the library of our artisans

We work with our customers to make fabric. This is either designed by them or conversely, the customer could choose the design from our library and alter/modify it based on their design requirements of color and patterns.

The Gingerblu family firmly lives its passion of manifesting the economic independence, symbolised by its fabric, via the symbiosis between the eastern culture and western sensibilities and devoid of the perversions of mainstream modernization. Along the way, the company has successfully collaborated with Fempowerment Foundation (Mumbai, India) - a non-profit organisation - that works with the prime focus of providing life-skills to women with the purpose of making them economically independent.

We care deeply about the way textiles are made, our people who make them, and the impact they have on the earth. Our aim is to ensure the safety, equitable treatment, and empowerment of those contributing to the creation of our textiles & products while feasibly limiting our environmental footprint. This work is ongoing and evolving, reflective of our inherent commitment to grow.

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