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Handloom weavers and printers in India are artisans who create fabrics with a delicate balance of technical expertise and human emotion. India is home to many handloom traditions. These colourful, handwoven, and printed fabrics are not only an integral part of the Indian heritage but have also contributed extensively to the lives of the people engaged in their creation. Historically, these communities have dedicated themselves to weaving and printing with their livelihoods intertwined in the very patterns they create. These handcrafted textiles made by the artisans are disproportionately underrepresented on the global stage. Unfortunately, their art is dying due to lack of incentives, support, and encouragement owing to existing trends of fast fashion in global markets. Gingerlblu closely works with these artisans and connects them with potential customers globally, thus keeping their art alive. A cascade of returns follows in terms of better education for their children, familial stability, local employment opportunities, and reduced coercion to migrate to the city

Economically independent women-artisans have emboldened voices in decision-making of the family and in the society. This translates into a spectrum of avenue benefits - education for their children (especially the girl child), self-health/well-being, and agency to build a security net for herself while supporting the family. Furthermore, this approach helps to reduce the burden on the men from being the sole income generator for the family.

Our artisans, printers, and weavers primarily are an experienced team of multi-generational weaving, hand printing, and assiduous textile experts with uniquely arsenals of talent. What is missing is their outreach to a global customer base which can provide them with consistent business which is where Gingerblu steps in.

Our design team closely works with the artisans by providing design assistance that aims to keep the fashion forecast and global trends in mind. Integrating traditional design and cultural heritage for our artisans to create beautiful fabrics with love so the result of the product is a textile made in India for a global customer. The outcome - international quality textiles with timely delivery. We generate selling opportunities and market connections in India and abroad that would otherwise be inaccessible to these communities.

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