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At Gingerblu, our combined efforts are directed towards upliftment of women through opportunities aimed at financial independence. Our pathway towards that aim is through creating circular textiles using indigenous knowledge of the Indian subcontinent and sharing that with the world. We create textiles using techniques with minimal to zero carbon footprints.

Block printed textiles are created using teak wood blocks that last for decades and are carved with hands by artisans. The dye we use is Azo-free which increases the longevity of the printed textile compared to its natural dye counterpart that fades after a few washes. The water used for dyeing is then recycled, freed from dyeing components, and re-used in farm fields. The fabrics we use to print on are natural and thus, biodegradable. The textiles are woven on traditional wooden looms operated by artisans themselves, weaving one yarn at a time. The yarn we use is spun from natural fibres and recycled. Hence, the textile is biodegradable and returns to the soil from where its fibre was grown, thereby completing its life cycle.

While doing so, it also aids the farmer with an abundant supply of water for the fields to grow the fibre, employing women working with us which ultimately takes them one step closer to complete financial independence.

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