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Giving Back


Ajay Shrivastav - founder of Gingerblu - seeks to realize his plans for the future of the company via a collaboration with Kiren Shrivastav - founder of Fempowerment Awards - as a strategy to reach target communities who are anticipated to benefit significantly through educational/training interventions as empowerment drivers. Using the skill-intensive platform of Gingerblu as an opportunity of real-time utility for Fempowerment’s interventional packages, the two organizations aim to harness their respective niches to triangulate outcomes to address inequities for women.

Some of the salient contributions of the organizational duo towards this end have been via donations of machines for non-governmental organizations (NGOs) such as Divine Touch and Hope. Consistent with empowerment through education, the duo has organized and spearheaded training sessions geared towards the Fashion industry, including motivational spaces for Women Weave. Currently this duo, in partnership with an NGO based in Mumbai, is involved in designing training units for women to enhance stitching and technological competencies for women in computers and related modalities either for the purpose of business assimilation or self-development. Education further comes into the foray of women’s health as expressed in drives involving Pad Squad to make menstrual pads more accessible to remote sections of society.

The aforementioned projects scratch the surface of the potential coverage Gingerblu and Fempowerment offer towards addressing social inequities that disproportionately aggravate a woman’s real and metaphysical position in society. The sine qua non of a nation’s progress is the enhancement of a women’s well-being, a human right that has been in a constant deficit across generations with limited sustainability of solutions - until now.

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