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Gingerblu was founded in 2004 in New York city. After a productive stint in the business, the founder - Ajay Shrivastav - decided to take an internal expedition before unveiling the company’s true face as Gingerblu in an effort to re-establish his true purpose for fashion. The envisioned woman found her origins in conscious, fair-trade fashion handcrafted scrupulously by artisans and weavers. The ultimate expression of Ginger in the world is the economic independence of disadvantaged women through fashion textiles.

With this purpose in mind, we are focussing on Gingerblu textiles. These textiles are crafted purely from natural fibres - cotton, linen, bamboo, jute, hemp etc. - and adroitly handled by traditional weavers and printers of India. Holding the thread of their culture tied to a needle as such, Gingerblu strives for economic independence for the women involved in this centuries-old generational skill. These skills are indigenous in nature and characterized by the incorporation of hand-woven designs, handprints in multitudinous forms including block-printing using azo-free dyes giving fair-trade opportunities to the local artisans.

We at Gingerblu create textiles that are not only extrinsically beautiful but intrinsically emotional, created by the amalgamation of the artisan’s skill and expertise aided by our creativity and support. At Gingerblu, we believe in the added value and touch of humanness while trying to steer clear from technology and practices that do not align with the Mother earth. Therefore, Gingerblu is a symbol of empowerment for these artisans by providing them with burgeoning conditions for the development of local talent through education and training, engaging in a low-carbon footprint methodology of production, and embracing the precocity of modernity. The collection of fabric is, therefore, a direct result of women’s education having a transformative impact on sustainable, conscious fashion.

The Gingerblu family firmly lives its passion of manifesting the economic independence, symbolised by its fabric, via the symbiosis between the eastern culture and western sensibilities and devoid of the perversions of mainstream modernization. Along the way, the company has successfully collaborated with Fempowerment Foundation (Mumbai, India) - a non-profit organisation - that works with the prime focus of providing life-skills to women with the purpose of making them economically independent.

Making Gingerblu a hub of ethical and artisanal textiles crafted using indigenous techniques by the women of India to reach beyond the superficial borders that divides us.

Of India, by the women of India, for all…

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