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The Story of


Gingerblu is a remarkable new designer collection of specialty embellished women’s contemporary separates, including t-shirts, tunics, skirts and dresses. This innovative line pairs fabrics such as georgette, chiffon, and cotton jersey with unusual and beautiful details like shells, raffia, jewels and metal in shapes and styles that are sexy, yet wearable. The collection is inspired by the designer’s ardent devotion to his muse, an extraordinary woman named Ginger – whatever she likes, he likes.

The young man, a wildly creative type, has fallen madly in love with Ginger, the uber-chic city girl whose unforgettable style and unique beauty keeps him mesmerised. It is her innate social ease and contagious lust for life that has him grubbed at the heart. When Ginger enterts the room, heads turn, mouths drop and drinks spill – her presence is captivating. Yet this designer just can’t pin her down. She flashes through the city like a firefly, trails of light and energy lingering in her dust. Ginger’s a challenge, but he’s willing to wait for her and he works hard to achieve success with only a dream of earning Ginger’s undivided attention.

He’s a buoyant man, who is confident that persistence and talent will win her over. His only vice is Ginger. She’s sharp and seductive, tantalising him with her charisma. He makes creation after creation, attempting to capture her free spirit through his brilliant designs and dazzling embellishments.

This is how the Gingerblu Collection came into the limelight. Ginger fell in love with these magnificent  jewelled pieces and imaginative tees and her fascination gave the designer inspiration to recreate this happiness for women around the world. The Gingerblu collection compels all confident women to relish the power of their own femininity and vitality with every sparkly step they take.